The CoBS launches its 2021 Student CSR Article Competition

Council on Business & Society 2021 Student CSR Article Competition, responsible leadership, CSR, sustainability, ethics, green finance, diversity & inclusion, social entrepreneurship, digital transformation, digital divide, social accounting. ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Warwick Business School.

It’s time for the students to put their mark on 2021! The Council on Business & Society opens its 2021 international CSR article competition for students at ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, and Warwick Business School. Read to register!

This year, many of us are still living, working and studying in the exceptional conditions imposed by the impact of the Covid pandemic. A reason more than ever to join in with the activities offered by the CoBS community of schools and scholars: weekly insights into business and society issues drawn from leading research and made readable for the wider audience, CoBS Research Pods – condensed learning capsules – for the practitioner, downloadable quarterly magazines, and thematic books.  

Specifically catered for our students, and following on from the international success of the 2020 event, the CoBS now launches its 2021 Student CSR Article Competition.

Students – make your mark in 2021! 

Do you have a passion for CSR, CSV, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, responsible leadership and sustainable finance? Do you believe that responsible business can contribute to improving society and the planet?

The competition is open to students from undergraduate to post-graduate (incl. PhD.) level currently studying in one of our 7 member schools and their campuses:  ESSEC Business School (France, Singapore, Morocco), FGV-EAESP (Brazil), School of Management Fudan University (China), IE Business School (Spain), Keio Business School (Japan), Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), and Warwick Business School (the United Kingdom).  

The prizes:

  • Every student submission will receive a Council on Business & Society participant certificate.
  • Articles selected for the final round of adjudication will receive special Finalist and Competition Winner certificates
  • Winners from each member school will win a cash prize equivalent of €500
  • Finalist and winning articles will feature in a special issue of the Council’s quarterly magazine Global Voice alongside faculty research
  • Finalist and wining articles will also appear on CoBS Insights giving you a global readership.

The topics for the 2021 competition are:

  • We citizens are clients, and sometimes we are also investors. We want good products, produced ethically and at an affordable price. At the same time, we also want our investments to be profitable. How to achieve an acceptable compromise? 
  • How has the pandemic given more importance to the role of women in business and society? 
  • How can firms achieve “technology for good” in business practice?
  • In the present context, characterized by interconnectivity and the need for economic reactivation, how might companies leverage the power of community to advance the alignment of their business objectives with the wellbeing of humans and the planet?
  • How can leaders manœuvre the Covid challenge: Save the company or save the employees?
  • How can organizations leverage their innovative capabilities to reduce their environmental impact?
  • The dream and reality of normalization bias: difference and similarity across region, industry, and individual value recognition.

Enter the competition now by visiting the Competition page on our website and registering with your school coordinator.

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