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ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan University, IE Business School, Keio Business School, Monash Business School, Olin Business School, Smith School of Business, Stellenbosch Business School, Trinity College Dublin Business School, Warwick Business School: Some of the world’s leading schools of business and management that make up the CoBS Insights community, triple-crown accredited and dedicated to shaping today’s and tomorrow’s responsible leaders and business practices.

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Student, instructor, entrepreneur and practitioner: If you’re passionate about responsible leadership and sustainable business practices, CoBS Insights provides twice-weekly cutting-edge research made readable, made practical.

The CoBS Insights community is just that – a community. We bring together faculty, researchers, professionals, policy makers, students and the wider public with a voice and opinion on business for the common good, ethical leadership, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and responsible finance.

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Because we believe in the power of a community, we also encourage our readers to contribute through their comments and also articles. If you have an objective, well-researched, insightful and original article you would like to see offered to a wider public, send us a message via the website contact page. A submissions guide can be downloaded here, giving tips and guidelines for the style and content required.

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Global Voice, the Council on Business & Society's quarterly and special issue magazine. The publication features research-based and opinion-piece articles made readable for the student, practitioner and instructor on business and society, management and leadership, sustainability, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, CSR, green finance and social and environmental reporting.
The CoBS Research Pod series – condensed learning capsules inspired from internationally published research in the fields of CSR, management, leadership, HR, team and project management, finance, CSR reporting, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and sustainable business practices.


For managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, instructors and those with an interest in research with an impact. Ramp up your knowledge, improve your teams, gain in leadership, reshape your business or give your teaching, training or coaching a new dynamic.
This series is published in collaboration with the Council on Business & Society (COBS). Routledge and COBS Focus on Responsible Business provides international and multicultural perspectives on responsible leadership and business practices in line with the UN SDGs. Contributors from 7 leading business schools on 4 continents offer local, cultural and global perspectives on the issues covered, drawing on high level research and transformed into engaging, and digestible content for students, academics and practitioners. Topics include but are not limited to; responsible finance and accounting, CSR and governance, supply chain management, leadership, diversity and inclusion, performance and innovation, responsible management, and wellbeing at work.

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The Council on Business & Society (The CoBS), visionary in its conception and purpose, was created in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting responsible leadership and tackling issues at the crossroads of business and society including sustainability, diversity, ethical leadership and the place responsible business has to play in contributing to the common good.  

Member schools are all “Triple Crown” accredited AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and leaders in their respective countries.

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