Post-Disaster Recovery: The role of CSR in re-empowering local communities

Post-Disaster Recovery: The role of CSR in re-empowering local communities. What’s crucial in rebuilding local communities in the wake of a disaster? Dr Maki Dan and Dr-Professor Masayuki Kohiyama, Keio University, explore how companies can oil the wheels for a timely and effective recovery.

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Has Analytics Delivered on its Promise to Revolutionise HR?

While HR data piles up, most organisations are left scratching their heads over the ‘analytics’. Researcher Steven McCartney and Professor Na Fu, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, highlight how HR analytics might be useful in the quest to better organisational performance, and how to successfully leverage it.

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Ethics & Compliance in Firms: Why it happens and what makes it effective

Prof. Qinqin Zheng, School of Management Fudan University, with co-researchers Profs. Ajai Gaur, Rutgers Business School, and Koustab Ghosh, Indian Institute of Management, explore why Asian organisations adopt ethics & compliance management within their CSR and, more importantly, if and how they implement it.

By Tom Gamble. Related research: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Asian firms: a strategic choice perspective of ethics and compliance management, Ajai Gaur, Koustab Ghosh and Qinqin Zheng. Journal of Asia Business Studies, DOI 10.1108/JABS-03-2019-0094 VOL. 13 NO. 4 2019.

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