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The World after COVID? Co-Creating a Research Agenda for Social Innovation

Co-Creating a Research Agenda for Social Innovation: Professors Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School; Tanusree Jain, Trinity Business School; Concepcion Galdon, IE Business School; and Mario Aquino Alves, FGV-EAESP, invite academics and researchers to a friendly, design-thinking workshop on Social Innovation. The 2021 SASE Conference, Saturday July 3rd, 6pm CEST.

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2021 Student CSR Article Writing Competition Results

Council on Business & Society 2021 Student CSR Article Competition Results, CSR, leadership, responsible leadership, diversity, inclusion, diversity & inclusion, social accounting, environmental reporting, CSR reporting, management, sustainability, gender equity, sustainable supply chains, greentech, green finance, sustainable development, ethics, ethical supply chain, governance, CSR governance, social enterprise, SocEnt, philanthropy, corporate giving.

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