Global Voice magazine #27: Cool down – the heat is on

Cool Down – The Heat Is On

With the publication of Global Voice magazine #27, Prof. Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School, Academic Director of the Council on Business & Society, steps back from the heat of the summer months to take a measured and hopeful look at how many are taking action to brig positive change to business, society, and planet.

As the Northern Hemisphere gradually leaves the warm embrace of an unusually hot summer (and the Southern Hemisphere enters spring), the whole world remains in heat up mode. We do not need to remind the reader again of current global problems. To our dismay, the list of challenges for our time is a long one. However, inveterate optimists that we are, we shall instead propose a refreshing dive into some reasons for hope.  

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This summer has been a reminder of the need for climate action. Heatwaves have reached regions unaccustomed to such extremes, while wildfires have swept through forests in many countries. The climate crisis is not a distant threat; it is happening now, before our very eyes. At the same time, we see the determination of nations, communities, and individuals to step up with concrete actions. At an unprecedented scale, many large scale initiatives, both coming from public policy and from private organisations, all over the world, are attempting to address climate change. The heat may be on, but so is human willingness to cool the planet.

As students come back to their classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries, there is a renewed buzz of excitement and curiosity. Every academic year represents the hope of exploring, searching, and hopefully, finding new ways of addressing global challenges. Academy is at the forefront of the efforts to address the grand issues of our time, including biodiversity, climate change, and poverty. Every generation, standing on the shoulder of giants, has always found transformative ideas, discoveries, and inventions for improving our world. In this sense, the CoBS contributes to this effort by disseminating, and making more accessible, the fabulous research ongoing in our member schools.

Furthermore, in this world full of intricacies and challenges, business leaders can make a difference. We all know that great business leaders can (and have) to bring out the best for their companies, their stakeholders, and society as large. In this sense, our partner schools also contribute to society, by educating the next generation of competent and conscious professional managers, while the CoBS accompanies those efforts by creating pedagogical materials and exploring teaching innovations.

Granted, the heat is on, and it is not only about rising temperatures. True, the problems are there, and they are possibly mounting. But it is precisely in such times when the value of an alliance for the common good becomes more evident.

Welcome to the 27th edition of Global Voice Magazine. 

Prof. Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School and Academic Director of the Council on Business & Society

Adrian Zicari, Council on Business & Society
Adrian Zicari

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