Global Voice magazine special issue 2021

This Global Voice special 10 Years Anniversary Faculty and Student issue #18 is: 186 pages, 28 articles – faculty research-based and student winners and finalists from the 2021 CoBS CSR article competition, 8 Faculty ‘Top Reads’ articles (receiving most views and reads) from the last 5 years, From 34 contributors, An Editorial co-authored by Prof. Adrian Zicari, Executive Director of the Council on Business & Society and Prof. Mette Morsing, Head of UN PRME, A centre-spread timeline showing key moments and achievements in the Council’s 10 years of existence, And a special 10 Years’ Anniversary position statement from the Deans of the Council’s schools.

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Time to Invest in Biodiversity and Nature-Related Financial Disclosures

‘The Covid-19 crisis has provided additional scientific evidence around natural capital’, says Ksapa CEO Farid Baddache. ‘A Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures should deliver a consensual framework for companies and investors to report on how they preserve biodiversity by the end of 2023. That is all very well, but with exponential biodiversity depletion, the faster we move, the better. That said, a reporting framework does not necessarily constitute a clear business case. Here is why we encourage companies and investors to change their mindset on nature.’

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The Council on Business & Society Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at the Crossroads of Business, Society, and Planet

The Council on Business & Society Celebrates its 10th Anniversary: So, ten years on from 2011 and the Council’s creation, we believe we can justifiably consider that the alliance was visionary in its concept. Indeed, in the last three years or so there has been a very noticeable interest globally in the issues traditionally covered by the CoBS: diversity and inclusion, sustainability, ethical leadership, the necessity for social and environmental accounting, sustainable finance, stakeholder cooperation and co-creation, sustainable business practices. We have witnessed the creation of many establishments, centres and institutions – or indeed existing ones – taking on a CSR and sustainability dimension. In many cases, the CoBS happily co-exists with these peer organisations and in some cases, most notably the UN PRME, GBSN and OECD, has very close and regular working ties.

So join us in celebrating our 10 years and let us contribute together to striving for a world in which business plays a positive, responsible and major role in creating innovation, wealth and knowledge for society, humankind, and our planet.

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