Responsible Finance & Accounting: The book

Responsible Finance & Accounting: Performance and profit for better business, better society, better planet. The Council on Business & Society publishes its latest downloadable book featuring 34 faculty, practitioner and student contributors from the 7 schools of the CoBS, guest institutions and companies. With a Foreword by Professors Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School & Qinqin Zheng, School of Management Fudan University.

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A Statement from the Deans of the Council on Business & Society

The month of June 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Council on Business & Society (CoBS), which now counts seven member schools of business and management, all triple-crown accredited and leaders and educational pioneers in their respective countries.

As leading educational institutions in our respective countries, the member schools of the Council on Business & Society have a direct local and national impact on issues such as job and career prospects for our graduates and executive education, providing industry with talented individuals, offering engagement with – and economic value to – our local communities and giving knowledge and insight to policy-makers and governments at the highest level. Internationally, our alumni – some 231,000 among the seven member schools – work on every continent in leading corporations, government bodies, institutions and NGOs and, in many cases, have created employment and innovation through their entrepreneurial talent.

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Global Voice magazine special issue 2021

This Global Voice special 10 Years Anniversary Faculty and Student issue #18 is: 186 pages, 28 articles – faculty research-based and student winners and finalists from the 2021 CoBS CSR article competition, 8 Faculty ‘Top Reads’ articles (receiving most views and reads) from the last 5 years, From 34 contributors, An Editorial co-authored by Prof. Adrian Zicari, Executive Director of the Council on Business & Society and Prof. Mette Morsing, Head of UN PRME, A centre-spread timeline showing key moments and achievements in the Council’s 10 years of existence, And a special 10 Years’ Anniversary position statement from the Deans of the Council’s schools.

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The World after COVID? Co-Creating a Research Agenda for Social Innovation

Co-Creating a Research Agenda for Social Innovation: Professors Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School; Tanusree Jain, Trinity Business School; Concepcion Galdon, IE Business School; and Mario Aquino Alves, FGV-EAESP, invite academics and researchers to a friendly, design-thinking workshop on Social Innovation. The 2021 SASE Conference, Saturday July 3rd, 6pm CEST.

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The Council on Business & Society Celebrates its 10th Anniversary at the Crossroads of Business, Society, and Planet

The Council on Business & Society Celebrates its 10th Anniversary: So, ten years on from 2011 and the Council’s creation, we believe we can justifiably consider that the alliance was visionary in its concept. Indeed, in the last three years or so there has been a very noticeable interest globally in the issues traditionally covered by the CoBS: diversity and inclusion, sustainability, ethical leadership, the necessity for social and environmental accounting, sustainable finance, stakeholder cooperation and co-creation, sustainable business practices. We have witnessed the creation of many establishments, centres and institutions – or indeed existing ones – taking on a CSR and sustainability dimension. In many cases, the CoBS happily co-exists with these peer organisations and in some cases, most notably the UN PRME, GBSN and OECD, has very close and regular working ties.

So join us in celebrating our 10 years and let us contribute together to striving for a world in which business plays a positive, responsible and major role in creating innovation, wealth and knowledge for society, humankind, and our planet.

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2021 Student CSR Article Writing Competition Results

Council on Business & Society 2021 Student CSR Article Competition Results, CSR, leadership, responsible leadership, diversity, inclusion, diversity & inclusion, social accounting, environmental reporting, CSR reporting, management, sustainability, gender equity, sustainable supply chains, greentech, green finance, sustainable development, ethics, ethical supply chain, governance, CSR governance, social enterprise, SocEnt, philanthropy, corporate giving.

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