Spring 2023: Mad, bad, fabulous or fable?

Global Voice magazine #25

Prof. Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School, and Academic Director of the Council on Business & Society, with an Editorial to introduce the publication of the spring issue of Global Voice magazine #25.

Global Voice magazine #25: Mad, bad, fabulous or fable?  

Reasons for anxiety abound, and there is no need in to enumerate them again in this editorial. Each time History has had its challenges, concerns and difficulties and our times are no exception.

Global Voice magazine #25,  spring 2023: Made, bad, fabulous, or fable?
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However, we can still ask ourselves: can we remain hopeful? Moreover, can we allow ourselves to keep hope today? Indeed, shouldn’t we be bound to hope, as hope is a basic human need? In Global Voice magazine, we always try to maintain a positive view, in every situation, every time. Not because we ignore the obvious difficulties of our times, but because we still believe that humankind has the capacity, the inventiveness, and the ingenuity to find a way. This has been the case in the past – and it should also be the case in our times.

In this sense, in our field of higher education, we see positive signals and reasons for hope. All over the world, increasing numbers of faculty, particularly in our CoBS member schools, are focusing their research on those global issues that matter to society. Many of them have their research regularly featured in this magazine. Younger generations of students are increasingly active and involved in social and environmental issues. And in the CoBS member schools, the increasing involvement of students in our annual CSR competition is a testimony of that growing interest among younger generations. Finally, one may see many promising initiatives gaining momentum – for instance, programmes for green investments and guidelines for clearer, more robust sustainability reporting.

In line with this positive viewpoint, this 25th issue of Global Voice features insightful, inspiring ideas coming from academics and practitioners involved in our alliance. We can (indeed, we should) dare to be hopeful. Welcome to this spring 2023 Global Voice!  

Adrián Zicari
Adrián Zicari
Responsible Finance and Accounting: Performance and Profit for Better Business, Society and Planet

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