Student CSR Change Makers!

Student CSR change makers Council on Business & Society 2019

The first results from the Council on Business & Society CSR student article competition have come through from member schools ESSEC Business School and FGV-EAESP.

Two of the competition participants, ESSEC Business School and FGV-EAESP, have selected their finalists and winners for the 2019 student CSR article awards.


  • Competition Winner: Ms Camila Morishita, PhD student, for her article Female Workforce: The Changes and Impacts on Women’s Lives

ESSEC Business School

  • Competition Winner: Mr Seamus Duferrena, PhD student, for his article What those migrants are doing to our countries

  • Runner-up: Mr Andrea Tealdi, MiM student, Singapore campus, for his article Migration and cities: big losses and bigger gains

Short-listed finalists, in alphabetical order:

  • Mr Nicolas Desarnauts, GBBA student, for his article Beyond Politics: The Economic Case for Migration

  • Ms Solène Eveillard, MiM student, for her article More Gender Equality, More Prosperity for All

  • Ms Hiba Houmache, MiM student, for her article How can gender equality increase prosperity for all?

  • Ms Midori Toya, GBBA student, for her article Social contribution and profit – are companies facing a trade-off?

This year’s prizes are:

  • €500 equivalent in prize money for each winning article.
  • All short-listed finalist and winning articles will appear alongside faculty in the June 21st anniversary issue of Global Voice magazine, in online and print versions.
  • Student Finalists and Winners receive a special Responsible Leadership certificate.
  • All other student articles receive a Responsible Leadership Participant certificate.

A word from Prof. Adrian Zicari, Executive Director of the Council on Business & Society

Why is this initiative important? Because it is one of the few opportunities for students to speak their mind and to share their viewpoints about burning issues in today’s world. The student CSR article competition is a concrete way of contributing to the necessary debate on ideas for our society and for the world, and by doing this, the students from the Council’s member schools are not only preparing themselves as tomorrow’s responsible manager-leaders, but are also beginning to contribute to the common good.

The article competition is an international, inter-school competition, organised by the Council on Business & Society, an alliance formed by recognised leading business schools in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The purpose of this alliance is to work together on issues of Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Management and Society. Consequently, this student competition is one of the Council’s cherished projects.

We were happy to receive articles from students here at ESSEC and at FGV-EAESP, with our friends in our other partner schools soon reaching the final stages of their competitions too. After having received the student articles, they were given a code to ensure anonymity and read by a faculty jury in each school. After two rounds of readings, a shortlist was selected and, in a final stage, a winning article was chosen among them. It must be said that every student participant can consider themselves winners in a sense – in that they took the decision to participate, found the courage to submit an article on top of their workload and various school commitments, and above all to express the conviction of wishing to add their voice to a series of topics at the very heart of the desire to create a better, more inclusive, more sustainable world.

I express my gratitude to Vice-Dean and Prof. Tales Andreassi of FGV-EAESP for organising and managing the competition in Brazil, to Prof. Estefania Santacreu-Vasut at ESSEC for her kind involvement in France, and to Tom Gamble, Associate Director of the Council, for having made this competition possible.

Finally, I invite the students of all our member schools – ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESP, School of Management Fudan, Keio Business School, and Warwick Business School – to continue in your commitment to the Common Good – now, while studying at your schools, and everywhere in the world when you graduate. Well done.

With sincere regards,

Prof. Adrian Zicari, Executive Director of the Council on Business & Society

Adrian Zicari and the Council on Business & Society
Adrian Zicari


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