Live from the Forum: the student case competition in action

photo 1Student teams composed of delegations from the Council on Business & Society schools conduct a question and answer session with case co-author and judge Dutch Kuyper, CEO of Parker Ranch.

Prof. Bob Hanson of Tuck and CEO Dutch Kuyper bring an original slant to this year’s International Forum by setting a case competition based on Dutch Kuyper’s real-life experience in energy solutions in Hawaii. The case study competition that engages five teams of students over two days is centred on the key decisions and strategies to implement in energy supply that will satisfy both business, local government, and local communities in Hawaii. Students have a hands-on opportunity to venture into the issues and challenges both business and society face during the energy transition of the next decade. Today’s extraordinary student effort will culminate this evening when each team presents their analysis of the case and solutions to be judged by a panel that includes leading academics and Parker Ranch CEO Dutch Kuyper.

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  • How will policy makers and business leaders manage the competing interests of business and society in the energy sphere?
  • How are different regions of the world tackling issues of energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability?
  • What strategic, organizational, and managerial capabilities are needed for companies to succeed throughout energy transitions?
  • How should regulators, business leaders, and investors make decisions in the face of energy price, technology, and policy uncertainties?

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