Energy challenges in the world’s biggest economy

DSC_2608Prof. Xiangrong Wang, Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fudan University

Often pointed at as one of those nations lagging behind in the fight against the reduction in C02 emissions, China has recently taken the lead in its initiatives to transform itself into one of the world’s models for “low carbon cities”.

Strategies for energy sustainability in China

Although the idea and practice of energy management and low carbon society planning originated in western countries, their hotspots have been transferring to China in recent years. The abundant wind and solar resources in China provide favourable conditions for the development of energy management and such low carbon cities.

China low carbon city plan

According to Prof. Xiangrong Wang of Fudan University, the Chinese government plans to develop between 15 to 20 low carbon cities in the next three to five years to explore and establish a mode of energy management and low carbon economy in order to promote CO2 emission reduction. China currently has at least 170 cities which are committing to construct and transform into “low carbon cities”.

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