A Statement from the Deans of the Council on Business & Society

The month of June 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Council on Business & Society (CoBS), which now counts seven member schools of business and management, all triple-crown accredited and leaders and educational pioneers in their respective countries.

As leading educational institutions in our respective countries, the member schools of the Council on Business & Society have a direct local and national impact on issues such as job and career prospects for our graduates and executive education, providing industry with talented individuals, offering engagement with – and economic value to – our local communities and giving knowledge and insight to policy-makers and governments at the highest level. Internationally, our alumni – some 231,000 among the seven member schools – work on every continent in leading corporations, government bodies, institutions and NGOs and, in many cases, have created employment and innovation through their entrepreneurial talent.

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Can CSR Codes Unlock Sustainable Development in Developing Countries?

What happens when the CSR Codes of Brazil’s oil and gas industry meet the international legal framework system on sustainable development law? Are there more similarities than differences between the two? Prof. Ligia Maura Costa of FGV-EAESP explores how CSR Codes can be used as a tool towards sustainable development in developing countries.

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Youth and Employer Branding strategies: The hidden consequences

The capitalist world is increasingly driving the blurring of lines between work and non-working hours of our youth, say Profs Maria José Tonelli, FGV-EAESP, Andrea Oltramari, UFRGS and Rosana Córdova, UFRGS. They deep dive into the branding strategies employed by companies to investigate how companies use youth to drive their business.

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