“There’s Always That One Summer That Changes You”

“There’s Always That One Summer That Changes You”. Dear Readers,
The CoBS – Council on Business & Society – will shortly be on a summer break, returning on September 1st to once again, and with your help, positively change the world!

The CoBS – Council on Business & Society – will shortly be on a summer break, returning on September 1st to once again, and with your help, positively change the world!

In the meantime, it could be a case of “there’s always that one summer that changes you.” For example, the CoBS Insights site remains open for all those wishing to gen up on top research made readable in the fields of CSR, sustainability, and ESG. It could change you. It could change how you manage your team, your relationship with your boss, how you adapt your startup or company to making a positive imprint on your business, society, and planet. Or help you find purpose and meaning in your work.

Summer reads @ The CoBS

Just some of the hot summer topics from the CoBS that can trigger food for thought and matter for chatter as you journey through your well-earned holiday include this year’s “top reads” insights:

  • Transferring knowledge to others: How to learn from rural rituals in Ghana. Read
  • Integrity and how to make it part of your team/company’s strategy. Read
  • The mother-daughter relationship in Japan – who influences who when buying? Read
  • Challenges for the circular economy. Read
  • The top 5 human rights priorities for companies in 2023. Read
  • How the oil industry sees its future versus renewables. Read
  • What managers need to ask before adopting AI tools. Read
  • Social impact using theory of change. Read
  • The journey of learning revisited. Read
  • How bias may shape business leader decisions. Read
  • Does effort guarantee performance and success? Read
  • The future of work: Digital and green trends. Read
  • Networking and how to overcome the fear of rejection. Read
  • How Emotional Intelligence can help fight job burnout. Read
  • Africa and the key role of non-bank financial institutions. Read
  • Storytelling and HR analytics. Read
  • The darker side to remote working. Read.

Not forgetting…

The Council on Business & Society: Not forgetting The first in the series of Routledge-CoBS books – Responsible Finance & Accounting
Our latest Global Voice magazine #26, Our collection of condensed learning capsules – CoBS Research Pods, And our best-selling online Masterclass on Social Entrepreneurship!

So, whether through CoBS Insights articles, our quarterly mag, the learning pods, our online masterclasses – or through serendipitous encounters, a chance meeting with love, an idea for a book or painting, or even a place you visit that opens up a career opportunity. Remember: There’s always that one summer that changes you!

Wishing you all a safe journey and a perfect break. And see you again in September!

Kind regards,

The CoBS Editorial Team 2022-2023

Pavan Jambai, Muskan Chourey, Adrian Zicari, Tom Gamble, Antonin Gaveau

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The Council on Business & Society (The CoBS), visionary in its conception and purpose, was created in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting responsible leadership and tackling issues at the crossroads of business and society including sustainability, diversity, ethical leadership and the place responsible business has to play in contributing to the common good.  

Member schools are all “Triple Crown” accredited AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and leaders in their respective countries.

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