Results: The 2020 Student CSR Article Competition

CoBS student CSR article competition 2020

Dear Readers,

We’re delighted to announce the final results for the 2020 CSR student article competition.

Warm congratulations to all the competition winners, runners-up and finalists from each participating school for their superb articles which indeed have an impact – and have a voice! We must also congratulate every one of the students who participated in these exceptionally complex times, many of whom saw themselves returning home to their families at the outbreak of the current health crisis and all of them having to deal with the novelty and challenges of fully-online studies – Covid19 did not put a stop to their classes, assignments and busy schedules! Many thanks in addition to the members of the various faculty reading panels who gave up their free time and put a lot of effort into adjudicating the articles within each school.

The quality of the students’ articles submitted was extremely high and it was heartening to see so many engaged voices from tomorrow’s future managers and leaders on topics that will surely shape the post-Covid world into what we can only hope will be a better, more equitable and just system of things – the need for integrity and concrete action from companies in their pledge to become more sustainable; women’s rights and gender equality and the imperative of eradicating domestic violence; a review of our healthcare systems and crisis management policies that students brought to light from first-hand experience during the current upheaval; social enterprise and the desire shown from students to add purpose, meaning and the common good to their professional lives and business in general; the role that everyone in an organisation can play – including that most unlikely of heroes, the accountant – in promoting ethics and sustainable business practices; and finally, the need for companies operating in the extractive industries – oil, gas, minerals – to urgently find ways to balance their carbon footprint, adjust to sustainable practices, and ultimately respect the planet by giving back as much as what they take out.

The 2020 competition winners in each school are:

In alphabetical order…


Results: The 2020 Student CSR Article Competition

The 2020 competition runners-up and finalists in each school are:

Winners will receive €500 equivalent in prize money. All participants in the 2020 competition will receive certificates. Student winning, runner-up and finalist articles will appear in the traditional high-summer issue of Global Voice magazine on June 21st alongside those of our super professors, whose research into responsible leadership and business practices and belief in the good cause is internationally recognised.

You, our readers

And lastly, thanks to you – our readers from over thirty countries around the world – for staying with us over the past 2-3 months and sending in your encouraging comments to the articles. Indeed, there are now more of you than ever – professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, instructors, students or folk with the same passion and hopes as ourselves. Some of you ask if you can appear on the blog with your own, original articles. The answer is yes. Send them to me with a short introduction via the CoBS website contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

In many countries, confinement or lockdown as it’s called, is beginning to be relaxed and as you return to something approaching normality, have a think about all the important lessons the crisis has taught us – some very positive for people and planet that we can keep, some negative and that have to be tweaked, improved, revamped or discarded entirely. Above all, take good care and safe keeping to yourselves and loved ones.

Kind regards,

Tom Gamble

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Results: The 2020 Student CSR Article Competition

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