An inspiring TED talk by Audrey Choi: How to Make a Profit while Making a Difference


CEO Audrey Choi

Audrey Choi, CEO of the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, and member of President Obama’s US Community Development Advisory Board, believes big institutions have unique potential to create change – and that we, as individuals, have unique power to influence the direction that those institutions take

“These institutions are like tankers,” says Audrey Choi. “I’ve come to appreciate what large wakes they can leave, and I’ve become convinced that the institutions of the global capital markets, with nearly $290 trillion of stocks and bonds in the world, may be one of the most powerful forces for positive social change at our disposal – if we ask it to be.”

Watch Audrey Choi’s full TED talk (subtitles option available) and download it to your computer

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