The New Normal – New Dawn or New Dusk?

A unique interactive online masterclass featuring faculty from 5 leading business schools

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We’re delighted to invite you to take part in an online Masterclass on June 9th – The New Normal – New Dawn or New Dusk? -organised by ESSEC Business School and featuring prominent professors from 5 of the Council on Business & Society’s member schools: ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore), FGV-EAESP (Brazil), IE Business School (Spain), Trinity College Business School (Ireland) and Warwick Business School (UK).

Tuesday, June 9th: 

  • New York: 6  am
  • Sao Paulo: 7 am
  • Coventry and Dublin: 11 am
  • Paris and Madrid: 12 pm
  • Singapore: 6 pm
  • Yokohama: 9 pm.

The New Normal – new dawn or new dusk?

The New Normal – new dawn or new dusk? A masterclass on Tuesday 9th June at 12 noon CET

We’ve all been through – or are still enduring – one of the greatest upheavals that has occurred to society in the last 50 years or so. Going back to December 2019/January 2020, who could have imagined that a health crisis would surface that would effectively put a brake on the world economy, bring us pictures of deserted streets and the return of wildlife to inner cities, send millions of working professionals into telecommuting and completely pivot the way of doing things for companies, our educational institutions and public administrations?

The impact has also been felt in terms of temporary, partial or full redundancies, massive aid for entrepreneurs and small businesses in many countries and an increasing voice that calls for a new normal – a life and society that has learnt positive lessons from the crisis in terms of wanting to strengthen healthcare systems, encourage inclusion, reduce carbon emissions and give greater value to all those jobs and functions at the bottom of the pay scale which have proven their undoubted usefulness in keeping countries and their societies in working order through this time of crisis.

While this idea of a “new normal” is light, there is also shadow. What will happen “after”? Will we return to our old ways? Will trends that began before Covid-19 continue, disappear or even accelerate? Will the geopolitical stability of the world see a shift in the balance of power? What about international trade, the rise in populism and protectionism? And what, very simply, will happen to us – the millions of people who before the crisis went usually and normally about their professional, personal and family lives every day?

These are the issues the panel will tackle during a 50-minute debate from speakers and moderators in Singapore, France, Brazil, Ireland, Spain and the UK. Join us on YouTube Live, stretch the panel with your questions and have a voice.

Looking forward to seeing you on June 9th!

Prof. Adrian Zicari, Executive Director and Tom Gamble, Associate Director, Council on Business & Society

The New Normal – new dawn or new dusk? A masterclass on Tuesday 9th June at 12 noon CET
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The speakers

  • Cédomir Nestorovic, ESSEC Business School, Professor of Geopolitics and of International Marketing, Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific and international expert of Islamic business and marketing.
  • André Guzzi, FGV-EAESP, Professor of International Relations and Political Science, and an in-the-field expert in post-conflict country development.
  • Gonzalo Garland, IE Business School, Professor of Economics, Vice-President for External Relations at IE and an international consultant in emerging economies.
  • Louis Brennan, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Professor in Business Studies in the dimension of globalisation, Associate Dean at TBS, and leading researcher in the area of emerging economy multinationals and their outward investment.
  • Nigel Driffield, Warwick Business School, Professor of International Business, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor for Regional Engagement at WBS, and a widely experienced researcher and consultant for national and international bodies such as the UKTI, OECD, European Commission and UNCTAD.

Note: Every attempt was taken to include a female panelist in line with CoBS gender equality policy. Our forthcoming masterclasses will indeed feature female participants from industry, academia and the non-profit sector.

Learn more about the Council on Business & Society

The Council on Business & Society (The CoBS), visionary in its conception and purpose, was created in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting responsible leadership and tackling issues at the crossroads of business and society including sustainability, diversity, ethical leadership and the place responsible business has to play in contributing to the common good.  

Member schools are all “Triple Crown” accredited AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and leaders in their respective countries.

The Council on Business & Society member schools:
- Asia-Pacific: Keio Business School, Japan; School of Management Fudan University; China; ESSEC Business School Asia-Pacific, Singapore.
- Europe: ESSEC Business School, France; IE Business School, Spain; Trinity Business School, Ireland; Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.
- Africa: Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa; ESSEC Africa, Morocco. 
- South America: FGV-EAESP, Brazil.

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