Summer Break Thanks to our Readers

Dear Council Community Readers,

The Council editorial team will be on a welcome summer break from Wednesday 31st July to Monday 26th August. I’d like to thank you personally and on behalf of the Community team for your continued readership of our published articles – both on the blog and in our quarterly magazine Global Voice. We’ve had a great academic year with a combined blog, magazine, Twitter, LinkedIn and website visibility and readership rate of 808,000 across the globe and that’s your success as much as it is ours!

Wishing you all a super summer and please feel free to join us on Twitter @The_CoBS   to keep updated with all the latest CSR-related news and knowledge.

This year’s highlights have included 6 issues of Global Voice magazine including two special issues – an Asia-Pacific focus and a Europe focus. Of the 83 articles published online since last July, here are 6 of the best blog-busters, one from each of the member schools of the Council on Business & Society!

Tom Gamble, Editor and Associate Director, Council on Business & Society

1. ESSEC Business School, France-Singapore-Morocco

Aarti Ramaswami and the Council on Business & Society

Prof. and Deputy-Dean Aarti Ramaswami

In a two-part feature, Prof. Aarti Ramaswami of ESSEC Business School Asia-Pacific shares new research on the influence of partners on career attainment.

2.  FGV-EAESP, Brazil

Mario Aquino Alves and the Council on Business & Society

Prof. Mario Aquino Alves

Mario Aquino Alves, Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibly at FGV-EAESP, puts the spotlight on business from the bottom up and how it benefits the common good in an alternative and sometimes ephemeral way.

3. School of Management Fudan University, China

Prof. Qinqin Zheng

Prof Qinqin Zheng of School of Management Fudan University analyses the differences between Western and Eastern management philosophies to propose a solution to manage complexity in the post-modern era.

4. Keio Business School, Japan

Sachiko Yamao and the Council on Business & Society

Prof. Sachiko Yamao

Prof. Sachiko Yamao of Keio Business School explores the imperative, albeit sensitive issue of recognising high-potential employees in an organisation.

5. Trinity College Dublin Business School, Ireland

Professor Tanusree Jain, Trinity Business school, Council on Business & Society

Prof. Tanusree Jain

Tanusree Jain, Professor in Ethical Business at Trinity College Dublin Business School, looks at how some firms use CSR for talk, while others actually walk the talk: an important test for any corporate stakeholder before getting involved with a firm.

6. Warwick Business School, United Kingdom

Gabriella Cacciotti,and the Council on Business & Society

Prof. Gabriella Cacciotti

James hayton and the Council on Business & Society

Prof. James Hayton

In a two-part article, Gabriella Cacciotti, Assistant Professor, and James Hayton, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Warwick Business School, share their research on the entrepreneur, fear of failure, and how to overcome it.



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