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Late September sees the go live of the second issue of the Council’s eMagazine Global Voice.

Destined for all those – student, entrepreneur, academic, manager, director, employee rep, NGO or policy-maker – interested in how business can positively impact society through responsible leadership and CSR, this issue brings you a wealth of research output and insight on the subject from the Council’s unique, international perspective of expertise.

This quarter’s business and society-oriented articles cover such key issues as the shadow economy – are there indeed benefits enough for governments to tolerate it? – to the impact of digital innovation in China and a focus on the Japanese visionary and statesman Yukichi Fukuzawa, perhaps a role model – in these times of protection and introspection – the world could wisely use. Management and leadership features include revealing research into how your skills in emotional intelligence can increase your salary, and an exploration of former Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz and how his life journey led him to make the company one of the world’s most effective endorsers of sustainability. Entrepreneurship is also a key theme of this issue with articles highlighting research into women entrepreneurs in Brazil, entrepreneurship in China, and the moral of Icarus and Travis Kalanic, the recently ousted CEO of Uber. And finally, the CSR section tackles the themes of energy, philanthropy, business ethics and Chinese CSR strategies.

Global Voice reached out to almost eight thousand people in issue #1 – a very encouraging first success – and I would like to thank our readers for also joining us on our Twitter page as a result. We’re sure that this quarter’s Global Voice will meet with even greater success, a bright perspective in higher visibility also provided by the fact that the Council has just launched its website offering a host of free downloads and with a page specially dedicated to our eMagazine.

On a final note, September 21st saw the UN International Day of Peace, the 2017 theme being Respect, Safety and Dignity for All. The challenges to carry this through are enormous of course, and the advocates of conflict and extremes many. At the Council on Business & Society we maintain that education, combined with a truly international outlook, is one of the most powerful root solutions to understanding and safeguarding stability and fulfilment in the world. And it is only when one dares to open one’s mind and see the bigger, more truthful picture that challenges are met with greater determination, a real sense of vision and greater chance of success.

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