Is the future of learning all about trust and empowerment?

Dr Sugata Mitra, educational researcher, gives an inspiring TED talk on the future of education drawn from his “Hole in the Wall” experiments in India

ted-logoIn what soon became an incredible learning journey not only for the young people involved but also for himself, the experiments consisted in placing a computer at the disposal of local communities, embedded in a wall. Without any prior training in computer skills, and betting on a blend of trust, empowerment and encouragement, he observed as curiosity, patience, peer interest, determination and a thirst to learn drove his young guinea-pigs to incredible results over relatively short periods of time.

From the instructor as source of knowledge, the instructor became facilitator and encourager – much in the vein of constructivist learning theory. Leave learners alone, or at least with minimal control, and they will learn – and learn quickly.  Sugata Mitra ties his findings in with technology and proposes a cost-effective, high-impact learning lab for teaching using the Cloud.

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