Performance and Profit for Better Business, Better Society, Better Planet

How have CSR and its affiliated notion of sustainability shaped business, shareholders, stakeholders and the fields of finance and accounting. With the launch of the latest Council on Business & Society publication – Responsible Finance & Accounting – Professors Adrian Zicari, ESSEC Business School, and Qinqin Zheng, School of Management Fudan University explore.

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Ethics & Compliance Management in Firms: How to make it effective

Ethics & Compliance Management in Firms: How to make it effective by Qinqin Zheng. Learning objective: Explore the adopt-implement choice in ethics & compliance management and transfer best practice to your company in order to implement a solid and effective ethics and compliance management system.

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Ethics & Compliance in Firms: Why it happens and what makes it effective

Prof. Qinqin Zheng, School of Management Fudan University, with co-researchers Profs. Ajai Gaur, Rutgers Business School, and Koustab Ghosh, Indian Institute of Management, explore why Asian organisations adopt ethics & compliance management within their CSR and, more importantly, if and how they implement it.

By Tom Gamble. Related research: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Asian firms: a strategic choice perspective of ethics and compliance management, Ajai Gaur, Koustab Ghosh and Qinqin Zheng. Journal of Asia Business Studies, DOI 10.1108/JABS-03-2019-0094 VOL. 13 NO. 4 2019.

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