Of compromising values and imminent corporate scandal

Focus on short-term means next corporate scandal already in pipeline, according to new research by the CIPD

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is an independent UK-based body with over 140,000 members from the HR, IR, and people development fields with a mission to make work and working lives better.

Council Community Blog“Recent CIPD research has found that when tasked with increasing organisational performance, 30% of business leaders would choose to continue rewarding high-performing individuals regardless of the values they demonstrate, suggesting that the next big corporate scandal is already in the pipeline…”

(Source: CIPD Press office)

  • 29% of business leaders (compared with 34% of HR practitioners) report they have to compromise their principles to meet current business needs.
  • Less than half of business leaders and HR practitioners in the survey (48%) believe that their core values cannot be compromised whatever the context.
  • 22% of business leaders (and 21% of HR practitioners) say they have to compromise on their principles because they affect their ability to succeed in their organisation.
  • When asked to choose, 37% of business leaders (and 43% of HR practitioners) say decisions by their company are justified as long they follow the laws of the country they operate in, compared to 63% (57% of HR practitioners) who believe their organisation should take account of the moral responsibility it has for employees.

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